00823Chirurgie nasosinusienne sous anesthesie locale

Rhinologie et Allergie
G. Bastianelli.
universite' - Pavia (Italie)

But de la présentation

The Authors will demostrate the possibility to use the technique of local anesthesia for chronic sinusitis with or without nasal polyps with more than 25 years of experience


This presentation follows  the previous paper presented in Sforl conference in 2018 on Local anesthesia in septal and turbinate surgery and  the partecipation in round table on the same topic in Ifos conference in Paris  2017


Matériels et Méthodes

The utilization of this technique is based on more than 200 cases operated every year with a continous increasing number respect to the first year of experience 

The AA will describe all the details and the steps of the technique  with also  short videos 

The Authors will describe also the preoperative evaluation and counseling of the patients and they will describe the operative problems occured in some cases.

 The technique request  a strong  experience  because is not simple like it seems  and time consuming and request a deep commitment discussing with the patient for all the time of surgery



The AA will describe the results with this technique that has been very well appreciated by the patients either for the possibility to avoid a general anesthesia either for the absence of nasal dressing in more than 95 % of the cases



The technique when has been mastered by the surgeon not familiar with all the performing  complex  aspects it is well appreciated by the patients 

The possibility also to perform the surgery  in one day surgery , the absence of nasal dressing and the quick recovery of the patients for the normal working life  well combines with the advantage for the surgeon for a bloodless field

The technique cannot be done in all patients and the surgeon must be very familiar with all the possible adverse reaction with this technique occurred in some cases



Objectifs pédagogiques

Mots-clés (3 maximum)

<b>Mot-clé 1</b>
fess in local anesthesia
<b>Mot-clé 2</b>
increasing number of patients operated with this technique
<b>Mot-clé 3</b>
mastering all the aspects of the technique