Oral Communications session #1A Sponsored by CHARM3AT

Wednesday, November 2, 2022
OC1A 2:05 PM > 4:20 PM Oral Communications session #1A Sponsored by CHARM3AT Amphithéâtre Poincaré

2:05 PM O0C1 Electrocoupling - A Catalyst-free Alternative for C-C Bond Formation > D. Dorian DIDIER 2:18 PM OC02 2-Amido-acroleins as a versatile platform for the synthesis of poly-functionalized silicon containing heterocycles > S. Stéphane GOLLING 2:31 PM OC03 First total synthesis of chaxalactin B > O. Ophélie MONTIEGE 2:44 PM OC04 Bimetallic complexes of photoswitchable phosphines derived from nine-membered cyclic azobenzenes : synthesis, photochromic properties and uses in gold catalysis > N. Nawel GOUAL 2:57 PM OC05 Photoredox Generation of Oxygen-Centered Radicals: α-Alkoxylation and α-Trifluoromethoxylation of Carbonyl Compounds > G. Guillaume DAGOUSSET 3:10 PM OC06 Indirect Enantiocontrol of Tertiary Alcohols and Quaternary Centers by Acylative Organocatalytic Kinetic Resolution > X. Xueyang LIU 3:23 PM OC07 Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer based Fluorophores with Circularly Polarized Luminescence Emission > M. Max COEHLO 3:36 PM OC08 Merging Grubbs’ Second-Generation Catalyst with Photocatalysis Enables Z–Selective Metathesis of Olefins: Scope, Limitations, and Mechanism > S. Saif Eddine CHERIF 3:49 PM OC09 Taming redox non-innocence of weak-field iron complexes : an opportunity in catalysis > G. Guillaume LEFEVRE 4:02 PM OC34 A Gallium-Catalyzed C–H Propargylation of Arenes > S. Sophie RODRIGUES



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