Oral Communications session #2A Sponsored by Syngenta

Thursday, November 3, 2022
OC2A 2:15 PM > 4:30 PM Oral Communications session #2A Sponsored by Syngenta Amphithéâtre Poincaré

2:15 PM OC31 Design of protein-based platforms for sugars multivalency > M. Marie SCHULER 2:28 PM OC32 Fluorine-Activated Additive-Free Vitrimers > E. Eric LECLERC 2:41 PM OC33 A Bis-Acridinium Macrocycle as Multi-Responsive Receptor and component of a Switchable [2]rotaxane > J. Johnny HU 2:54 PM OC10 Identification of protein targets of an inhibitor of viral infection using an affinity-based probe > E. Emmanuelle THINON 3:07 PM OC35 Reassessment of the reducing power of Breslow-type derivatives in NHC-catalyzed reactions. > L. Ludivine DELFAU 3:20 PM OC36 Cascade [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangements involving (cyclopropyl)vinyl azides: Synthesis of highly substituted seven-membered rings > T. Thomas ABEGG 3:33 PM OC37 Chemoenzymatic synthesis of DNA and XNA oligonucleotides > N. Nazarii SABAT 3:46 PM OC38 Simultaneous Control of Central and Helical Stereogenic Elements on Small Molecules > A. Arthur GAUCHERAND 3:59 PM OC39 Photoswitchable GlycoMacrocycles, from synthesis to their chiroptical properties and potential applications > S. Stéphane MAISONNEUVE 4:12 PM OC40 Tracking G4 ligand distribution in cells by a guided immunofluorescence methodology > D. Daniela VERGA



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